I find it very very encouraging and motivating. We need to keep the faith and love in God. Thanks for sharing. God bless! (Comment on "God's Is Love").

- Jabari


  Thank you! Amen. Yes, that is the only real hope that we can hold on to! Be always blessed in Yeshua!! (Comment on "Be Glad In The Lord And Rejoice")

- Suresh


  WONDERFUL PASSAGE AND DEVOTIONAL! Thanks 4 sharing with me this morning! I'm far from perfect but have a perfect Savior!

- Pastor Mark


  Glory to God. In a phrase I am in a process and that verse was essential. God bless you.

- Victor


  Awww, thanks a lot I appreciate this you've touched my heart... Blessings!!!

- Necci


  Ty! In His death on the cross His work for the salvation of His people was fully complete and so He says it is finished. GBY.

- Marion, Athens Greece


  Wow! Thanks that was very thoughtful of you, I appreciate the support. God bless

- Trevor, Nairobi Kenya


  Quite encouraging in light of the happenings, (recent and previous) in Kenya. Thank you. Blessings to you too!

- Rhoda, Kenya


  Awesome. I never looked at "I thirst" like that and never will again. God bless you! Thx for sharing.

- Brenda


  G+ needs to be more saturated with God's word than with anything else. Thanks for posting these devos!

- Walter


  Blessed Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound that saved a wretch like me! Thank You It Blessed me so much! God Bless You (Comment on "The Hope Of The Gospel")

- Liz